Friday, November 22, 2013

Book Review - Buzz by Anders de la Motte

BUZZ is the 2nd book in a trilogy that starts with The Game, a novel that centers around characters Henrik Peterson and his sister Rebecca in Sweden.  There are multiple layers of story going on from the very first pages, and they all intertwine to create a captivating story that doesn't really let you go.

It all starts when Henrik finds a flashy new cell phone that asks him if he wants to play a game.  Being the iconoclast/rebel that Henrik is (been in jail, no steady job, hates authority), Henrik chooses YES to play.

He is given some small tasks at first, and is told when he completes the first one that he has earned points, which also equal a cash prize.  The more tasks he completes, and the harder they are, the more points and money he'll receive after each completed mission.

Meanwhile, sister Rebecca is a police officer who has problems of her own.  A former abusive relationship has left her psychologically scarred, and other problems begin to pop up left and right, testing her sanity. 

In BUZZ, the second book in the trilogy, things really start to heat up.  Henrik is caught in a trap of his own making after seemingly escaping The Game, and Rebecca begins to face down her own demons that threaten her career - and possibly even her life.

The action never really stops from page one of BUZZ.  Henrik gets caught in situation after situation that he somehow escapes by the tips of his fingers, and there is no lack of drugs, sex, chases and other plot devices.  His sister Rebecca is in the throes of tracking down a mystery Internet troll that keeps referencing her in an online forum, while also fighting an inquiry that may remove her status as a cop for good.

Overall, I enjoyed this book a lot.  It was fun to get back into the story, hard to put down, and now I'm eagerly awaiting the final installment.

Recommendation - READ THIS SERIES!! 


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