Thursday, November 17, 2005

A World WITH Israel

Academics around the world LOVE to throw in their two cents that disseminate why Israel shouldn't exist. So, a Jerusalem Post reporter writes:

"In all this diatribe, one thing remains unexplained. Why shouldn't the Jewish people enjoy the right to self determination? Why should this right be granted to the Sudanese people and not to the Jews? Why is it so preposterous that there should be one state in which Hebrew is the official language and Jewish holidays are official days of rest? Did not the Jewish people show national solidarity with their state? Did not the Jews of Israel show a determination to withstand war, terror, boycott and siege directed at them? "

It's just simply amazing. The media, academics, extremists, religious ideologues, and more, all scream and jump up and down to point their finger in undeserving-of-a-state Israel's direction. They talk about how Israel has no right to exist, as it does today, and that it should invite the surrounding arab populace in to replace it with a secular state with Jews in the minority.

Yea, a successful secular state in the middle east, with Jews as a represented minority. I also take offense to that idea. I mean, what the fuck have all of you been smoking that makes you think that would work? Look at our goddamned history, and show us when we HAVEN'T been persecuted. Yea, I'll wait....

Back to my major point: people the world over write against Israel, but very few people actually write for it. I believe Israel is a light onto nations, and that without it this world would be a place worse off. It offers the Jewish people a sanctuary for the first time in modern history. Can someone please explain to me why this is a bad thing?

But more importantly, someone please explain why its really a GOOD thing.


At 2:06 PM, Blogger girlwithnoname67 said...

I'm with you. It doesn't make any sense why one little sliver of land cannot be granted to the jewish people. I will never understand that. Clearly, arabs and jews cannot assimilate in that state. What more proof do we need?


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