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Brief Timeline and History of Current Crisis-War

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The current crisis in the middle east is two things, that are related, and neither of which are covered, discussed, or even hinted at in American or international media.

1) It is a continuation of the Arab-Israeli war of 1948, when Israel declared its soveriegnty and the surrounding arab countries took it upon themselves to declare a war of eradication that will only end when Israel is no more. In other words, that war has....not.....ended.

2) It is a renewal of serious hostilities by yet another 2nd handed militant organization that is being funded by the latest "i want to control the middle east" dictatorship. I.e., it is now Iran's turn to field the ball and try to score, which means destryoying Israel. Egypt previously tried to lead the charge, failed, and made peace. Oh, and then their leader who ordered the peace, Sadat, was assisinated-murdered.

--The newest chaper of this war started on June 25th, when armed "palestinian militants" killed two israeli soldiers in a raid, and then captured a third, Galid Shalit.

--Two days later, on June 27th, Hamas signs a document that the media hails as "implicitly recognizing Israel." Totally 100% false. Talk to ANY Hamas 'lawmaker' (ha!) , and they will say it doesn't. Here is a letter to the editor of the New York Times on it, from CAMERA

"To the Editor:

Your editorial claimed that the document endorsed by Hamas "implicitly recognizes Israel."

Unfortunately, Hamas's leaders and spokesmen have repeatedly made clear that the group still refuses to recognize Israel's legitimacy.

Salah al-Bardawil, a Hamas lawmaker, is quoted in your June 28 issue as explaining that "we did not say we accept two states."

Sami Abu Zuhri, a Hamas spokesman, pointed out that "we agreed to all the articles of the document without having to recognize Israel." Others have repeated this unambiguous message.

It seems, then, that Hamas has successfully maneuvered an agreement compatible with its uncompromising rejection of the Jewish state, as enshrined in its founding charter.

That document calls for Israel to be replaced with an Islamic state.

Gilead IniBoston, June 29, 2006The writer is senior research analyst, Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America."

So, simply just another public relations mood to sway world opinion against Israel (and to read what we think of world opinion, check out this oped by Dennis Prager:

--June 28th: Israeli ground forces enter Gaza. Israel says it will use "extreme measures" to rescue Cpl. Shalit, and Washington says, "Israel has the right to defend itself" (which was suddenly reversed after the bombing of an apartment building and the killing of Lebanese civilians, which we will revisit later on.)

--July 1st: Fighting rages, rockets rain down, and Israel rejects a demand to release 1,000 prisoners

--July 10th: Hamas political leader (Now remember children, their political wing is DIFFERENT! than their military wing, get it straight!) Khaled Mashaal says no release of soldier without prisoner swap. (that doesn't sound like politics to me - that sounds like a terrorist operation)

--July 12th: Hezbollah captures two Israeli soldiers, kil 8, which prompts first Israeli ground incursion into Lebanon since 2000.

--July 13th: Israeli planes kill at lest 44 civilians in air strikes across Lebanon. World argues with itself, with the U.S. coming out at the top of the Israeli supporters. Italy criticizes the "disproportionate" use of force by Israel.

--July 14th: Israel bombs beirut home of Hezbollah chief Hasan Nasrallah, who declares open war on Israel. Israel sets conditions for end of war, including halt rocket attacks, release soldiers, and for the UN to disarm Hezbollah.

---More fighting, bombing, reprisals, accusations, and more.

--July 25th: Israeli air strike kills 4 UN observers. Annan says the targeting was deliberate. Which is simply and absoultely deplorable and ridiculous. Annan has always hated Israel.

--July 29th: "An Israeli air strike in the south of Lebanon kills at least 51 Lebanese civilians, including 22 children, in the village of Qana." (This will be covered in the next blog.)

--August 3rd: 200 rockets fired by Hezbollah kills 1 and injures 123. Hostilities continue.

(timeline from

In my opinion, this is simply another series of battles meant to tire out Israel's resolve. Beating Hezbollah's military is extremely difficult, because they are so guerilla in nature, and a total victory will mean almost nothing. Killing a thousand or two Hezbollah militants would temporarily end that threat, but there are hundreds of thousands more waiting to take their place. And the enemy's resolve has not slackened, not one bit, since 1948.

However, Israel has no choice. They MUST re-institute the belief in their deterrent capability, i.e., you fuck with Israel and you'll get the horns. And that is what this is, in my humble opinion.


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