Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Act Of War

The recent killing of two soldiers and the kidnapping of a third by Hamas operatives is a blatant act of war from government to another.

Hamas is now the democratically elected leadership of the Palestinians, even though they have not achieved nation-state status. (Which leads us to ponder, why haven't they achieved that status yet, when they've had the world on their side for 25 years? Oh yes, its because they'd rather destroy Israel than have a state of their own. Actions speak louder than words.)

So, as the democratically elected government, they now have official status. Which means they can't play at their terrorist atrocities anymore. They can either declare war against Israel, or decide they don't want to fight anymore, and sign a peace treaty.

We don't live in a world of black or white, but in this situation we are. It is beyond obvious that Palestinian militants seek a state of war with Israel. There have been no peaceful moves on their part beyond a cease fire to rebuild their ranks and ammunition, but plenty of attacks on civilians and soldiers. How can you possibly justify kidnapping an 18-year old hitch hiker? What purpose could that possibly serve?

The purpose it serves is as a wakeup call to Israel and the world. And elected leaders Hamas now has a responsibility to its constituents, who voted for them. If by seeking a war they think they are serving those interests, so be it.

I have been surfing the web and viewing comments on this story and these developments. By and large, on neutral non-Israeli sites, I have seen much hatred towards Israel and their invasion. Yet these naysayers don't comment on the kidnapping, the constant state of fear of all Israelis, or how unfair it is to be this small tough country that everyone is always picking on. It's always, "Big Israel picking on little Palestine."

Well, I'd like to ask you naysayers something. Which I haven't seen an answer to yet. What would you suggest Israel do? In general, and in this instance? How would you "make peace" with the palestinians, who have never asked for anything but for you to die?

But as of right now, Israel is on the brink of war for innumerable provocations. This was the straw that broke the camels back.

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