Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ann Coulter Is An Opportunist Vampire

This will be my only post about Ann, because I don't want to give her any attention she doesn't deserve.

One of her latest ploys was to lambast women who lost their husbands on 9/11 as "witches" and "harpies".

Thats funny, because it falls into the school of thought many governments and thought leaders are using today, which is: label someone else what you actually are. Like Palestinian terrorists calling Israeli's murderers. Like Iran calling the U.S. a demonic power. Like islamo-fascists saying the West is fighting to kill Islam.

In short, Coulter is a witch/harpy herself and is, in psychological terms, projecting.

However, my main problem with Coulter isn't actually what she says, because it is all hot air. My problem with her is that she has made a living saying the things that are despicable. (I'm having a hard time deciding just how I want to illustrate how I feel about her.)

Let me clarify. If she were to take to the airwaves saying we should cure AIDS by screwing the Catholic Church and offering people rewards for using condoms, push the palestinians into Jordan, kill all islamo fascist leaders, castrate Bush, lobotomize Cheney, take over Russia, implant chips into the brains of terrorists so we can understand how they think, etc., that would be different. She would be saying things that SHOULD BE SAID, but nobody wants to because they don't want to become a target.

Instead, she disparages everyone she can. Everyone who seems to be the enemy of her conservative base receives scorn that ranges from outlandish to downright stupid and mean.

9/11 widows are trying as hard as they can to get someone to accept responsibility for the attacks and to learn more about them, using their widow status to spearhead their campaign.

Ann Coulter is trying as hard as she can to use THEIR plight and THEIR cause to get HERSELF some publicity. Just like she does every time she lances someone and their beliefs.

And that is about the long and the short of it. Ann Coulter is despicable because she is a loud mouthed sociopathic bigot who uses the beliefs of others as ammo for her stardom. Get a life Ann.


I wrote a response to a blog and its comments I read after posting the above today, this is at

' To #7 and all defenders of Ann labeling 9/11 widows as “bitches” and “harpies”.
You are completely wrong. A person, ESPECIALLY a citizen of the United States of America, has EVERY right to push forward their agenda, whether it is widows asking for answers, or whether it is a conservative lambasting them for doing so.

What exactly have these widows done except try and throw some light into murky waters your warrior president has clouded?

And to say that these people are “using victimhood to silence debate” (#7) is completely bogus. They are not trying to silence debate for Heaven’s sake, they are trying to crack the debate open in the middle! They want answers! They want a memorial! They want accountability!

Finally, a personal loss or experience is all we have in this world as a driving force (unless you count using religion as a shield for your unwarrented convictions.) Natan Sharansky’s wife used his imprisonment as an impetus to get him released and fight oppression in Russa. That was not wrong, and neither are the widows who you and your fellows are so shamelessly slandering.

Is it so impossible for you to imagine yourself in their shoes? How would you feel if you lost your husband/wife like that? How would you react? Answer that, and then insult them again.


At 7:43 PM, Blogger Hoss said...

Another beautiful use of setting up some unassailable strawmen. No one can possibly criticize the Jersey Girls, why they lost their husbands. Sure, it doesn't matter that they campaigned for Kerry and used their positions as victims to create public policy and bitch about a president who had been in office a matter of months. What a bunch of shit.

If the Jersey Girls had been out campaigning for Bush you guys would be throwing your typical mud at them(we know the media would have never given them the attention either). Go ahead, say it, Cindy Sheehan is just a grieving mom, right. Uh-huh.

If you're going to criticize someone else, like Ann, maybe you need to be a little honest with yourself first.

What pisses you off about Ann is that she gets attention for things she says that would have been silenced before talk radio and other avenues in the media opened up to conservatives. Those days are over, and no one is buying your self-righteous indignation (maybe you'll find time to be equally pissed about Michael Moore, Molly Ivens, Al Franken,.....)

At 4:30 PM, Blogger Sam The Blogger said...


It's a double edged sword. Ann Coulter can criticize the Jersey girls, and I can criticize Ann Coulter. What is NOT okay is that her use of language is OBVIOUSLY meant to inflame people, and drive up sales of her book, rather than to honestly share her thoughts. Moreover, did you notice that her criticism of the 9/11 widows came at the same time as her book publicity? Prett blatant self publicity.

And don't put words in someone's mouth. I think Cindy Sheehan is little extremist for me, but yes, she has a right any other American to protest. And as her son laid down the ultimate sacrifice, she has a little more right than most. She at least deserves a true answer from Bush why her son had to die. Can you give one?

And I value your comments, but your opinion, about my opinion, about Coulter, is wrong. What pisses me off is her blatant narcissism and willingness to throw a black mark on anyone that will help HER personal star rise. She says things that you, her constituency, will eat up and love her for, because no one else is a crazy enough bitch to say them.

But she does have a way with words, and she knows how to use mob psychology to incite her fellows - and thats pretty much all I can say that is good about her.


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