Monday, May 22, 2006

Morris Motamed's Jewish Origins

First of all, an honorable mention to the NY Post, who must have read my blog or my mind. I posted last week with the headline of, "Is Iran The 4th Reich?"

They used the same headline on their front page the next day, on Saturday, May 20th. Great minds think alike.

Next: What is the deal with Iran's singular Jewish parliamentarian? I checked him out on Wikipedia:

"In the Parliament, he has been active on the subject of suppressing the discriminations against Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians, e.g. the different amount of blood money (diya) between Muslims and non-Muslims. He played also a prominent role in the efforts to alleviate the sentences against some members of the Jewish community for alleged spying or for illegally trying to flee the country through Pakistan."

THIS is the guy who has been chosen to reflect Jewry in Iran? Boy, he's doing a GREAT job of suppressing discrimination against Jews.

Also: "Real Jews, in concord with some Muslims, continue their war against Zionists and against Israeli crimes. The oppressed people of Palestine living under occupation must feel that believers of all faiths support them. (Tehran, October 28, 2005)"

Uh huh. Ok. So, Motamed works to reduce discrimination against Jews in Iran, while using the phrase, "Real Jews" to describe his anti-zionist cohorts.

Actually, what I'd call him is "A Self Hating Jew." Thats how we Zionists refer to those people who are (or perhaps aren't) Jews who decry the occupation of "Palestine", the treatment of the "refugees", and who call Israel illegal.

I mean, how can you defend the Iranian government? HOW CAN YOU?! They want nothing but complete Shiite musliim dominance over all arab/muslim nations, followed by the world. They want every single citizen of Iran to "be a living symbol of Iran's power" through a national uniform. They deny the Holocaust, and are living breathing demonic proof of, "If you forget history you are doomed to repeat it", as they work to deny a law they passed that mandates Jews and Christians to wear colored arm bands to identify themselves.

Finally: I would LOVE a bio/backgrounder on this Morris Motamed guy. Nothing came up on google, and Wikipedia wasn't very informative. I want to know:

His Jewish heritage, where he learned to be a Jew, and WHY, if he's an Iranian Senator, his family lives in America, in Los Angeles.


At 6:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not trying to be mean, but do you know what the conditions in Iran are for a Jewish person? Do you know how hard it must be for Morris to say something? He is trying his best to protect the Jewish people of Iran, without putting himself in danger, but all everyone does to him is try and put him down without knowing anything.

At 2:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The goverment in Iran don't have mercy to their own Muslim brothers and sisters. If you haven't notice it yet in the last couple of months, you should watch some news or maybe read. Living in NY, sitting by your fireplace, having your wine glass in your hand, using your high speed internet connection on your fancy laptop and talking about what would or should in Iran is should not be your concern. Why not going back to Iran, live their for a while, try to get involve with the life of all people (Muslims and non-muslims) and then write non-sense material about people you don't know.


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