Thursday, May 04, 2006

Two New Blogs: Funny And Powerful

Okay, we'll start off with, with some interesting perspectives on the turmoil surrounding Israel and its Palestinian problems. I call them problems, because they're not citizens of Israel, and I would certainly categorize their abhorrent desire for the destruction of Israel as a problem.

Says yaron Brook, in June of 2002:

"Since its founding, Israel has been the victim Since its founding in 1948, Israel has had to fight five wars - all in self-defense - against 22 hostile Arab dictatorships, and has been repeatedly attacked by Palestinian terrorists. Arafat is responsible for the kidnapping and murder of Israeli schoolchildren, the hijacking of airliners and the car bombings and death-squad killings of thousands of Israeli, American, Lebanese and Palestinian civilians. Today he ardently sponsors such terror groups as Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the al Aksa Brigade.

The land Israel is "occupying" was captured in a war initiated by its Arab neighbors. Like any victim of aggression, Israel has a moral right to control as much land as is necessary to safeguard itself against attack. The Palestinians want to annihilate Israel, while Israel wants simply to be left alone. If there is a moral failing on Israel's part, it consists of its reluctance to take stronger military measures. If it is right for America to bomb al-Qaida strongholds in Afghanistan - and it is - then it is equally justifiable for Israel to bomb the terrorist strongholds in the occupied territories. "

Well said.

Now, if you're looking for the lighter side of blogging, check out, my new favorite humor site. Learn about the most disgusting drinks a bartender can make, the # of ways that credit card security is akin to airport 'security' (there to make you FEEL safe, not actually MAKE you safe), and how to pull off the biggest Michael Jackson hoax of the decade. Good stuff.


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