Friday, March 24, 2006

Not Even The Red Cross Is Inviolate

From the New York Times On March 24th:

"The American Red Cross, the largest recipient of donations after Hurricane Katrina, is investigating wide ranging accusations of impropriety among volunteers after the disaster...

"The accusations include improper diversion of relief supplies, failure to follow required Red Cross procedures in tracking and distributing supplies, and use of felons as volunteers in the disaster area in violation of Red Cross rules."

Oh, My, God. I am simply in shock, and when that wears off, I will be ready to scream bloody murder. I was extremely moved by the tulmultuous experiences of the people who had to experience Katrina first hand, and while I am almost as tight fisted as they came, I made a donation to help them rebuild.

When making that contribution, I thought the Red Cross was one place I could trust. I mean, I'm sending them real, hard earned cash, and lots more than I would give out to someone in the street.

And now I hear that the Katrina victims have been all but forgotten, and that the record amount of contributions has been inappropriately used. So, I might as well have given my money to a criminal.

This is completely and morally unacceptable. When a corporation, such as Halliburton, gives kickbacks to people who help it win contracts through unfair practices, you expect it.

But when a non-profit aid organization cannot be counted on to use contributions in a straight forward manner, something is terribly wrong. The bottom line is that I am deeply offended by these charges. Charity is a virtue, but how can you give to charity when your money will simply be stolen?

Whoever is in charge of the red cross should resign, and a complete, COMPLETE audit should be made. And guess what? I am not donating to the red cross again for some time to come.


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