Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Palestinian Screws Himself By Forgetting To Speak Arabic

When Yasser Arafat was still alive, and there was a suicide bombing in Israel, he would condemn it - in English. Then he would turn around and, in Arabic, denounce Israel and proclaim the bomber was a martyr.

This double speak is common in the Middle East, as countries don't want to openly offend English speaking nations, while at the same time needing to reinforce their dislike of Israel to their constituencies.

However, this time an Arabic official - Jamal Zaqout, a senior PFA official from Gaza - forgot to speak Arabic.

"We are against the normalization of ties [with Israel] and therefore we oppose playing any game with any Israeli team until there will be peace," said Zaqout, who insisted he is a 'man of sports, not of politics.'

Apparently Zaqout didn't do too well in his logic classes. How can there be peace without some kind of normaliziation of ties? (What he really meant by peace is probably the end of Israel's existence.)

In addition, that statement is a POLITICAL one, and has NOTHING to do with sports, you fucking fanatical idiot.

By the way, the reason he said that is because Palestinians formed a "Peace Team" to play against Israeli's in Morocco or something. And he's against that kind of normal thing - even though the fucking name of the team was "Peace Team." Fucking idiot.


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