Tuesday, December 13, 2005

omPropasal 1441: Erase Iran and Ukrainian MAUP

Iran has recently stepped up its ant-zionist propaganda, again asserting its denial of the Holocaust. Which simply makes me seethe. How dare you! HOW DARE YOU!

The Holocaust occurred during WWII. Did that ALSO not happen? Or am I completely erroneous when I note that some the leaders of some Arabic countries also sided with the Nazi's? Ahhh, yes, now it becomes clear. Some Arab countries were allies of the Nazi regime that perpetrated the Holocaust...and now some of them are denying that ever happened.

Surprise, surprise. This actually makes me feel better. Some of these people hate Jews, and love death, so much, that not only did they actively particpate in this horrible piece of history, but they want to denigrate the Jews and other victims further by denying their actual existence.

And what makes this worse is that its not the same people. The leader of Iran did not shake hands with Nazis. They did not condone the Holocaust, only to deny it later. These are the children of those evildoers. But they are taking up the mantle and carrying the baton further into Hell. So, rather than learn from their mistakes, they want to repeat them. So be it. One thing you should know: The Jews Learned. Israel is our defense against you. As long as it exists, so will we.

Moving right along, lets discuss MAUP, the part of the Ukranian University that wants the U.N. to literally 'close Israel.' They want the U.N. to remove Israel's Charter, saying that "Mankind lived without the State of Israel exactly 2,670 years, but after the second of its creation all the world feels a constant aggression of the old 'sons of the devil"

Well, well, well. I'd like to call this an imaginary worldview based on bias, or IWOBOB. Lets forget about the brutal dictatorships that rule over the Arabs of the middle east, lets forget the barbaric way women are treated in those societies, and most importantly, lets forget about the unending amount of bloodshed that has occurred between Arab counries not involvingIsrael. The Iran-Iraq War, for instance?

Anyway, all this is besides the point. The point is, people hate the Jews, and want to destroy them. Israel's existence is moot - so long as there are Jews, they will be hated. However, Israel is now the last bastion of Judaism, it's our Alamo. It will be what stands between us, and another Holocaust.

This brings me to my point (finally). I now officially deny the existence of either Iran's leadership or MAUP. To me, they have never existed. And this is a very good thing. While the people of Iran are just citizens of a brutal dictatorship, its leaders are trying to carry on the battle against Judaism. What exactly did the Jews, as a whole, ever do to you, President Ahmidenajad?

Well, since Iran doesn't exist, this never happened. So, by not existing, Iran is now a better country than it ever could have been. Whereas Israel has helped make the world a better place in more ways than I can count.

And MAUP simply disgusts me. How about you cease to exist too. I don't think anyone would shed any tears over that, you soulless pigs.


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