Friday, May 19, 2006

Is Iran The Fourth Reich?

I read an extremely disturbing report today, which may have well been the tipping point in my feelings towards Iran.

The Raw Story ( reported that Iran passed a law two years ago that Christians and Jews have to wear colors identifying themselves in Iran (because if a muslim shakes hands with a non believer it is supposed to make them 'unclean').

A local 'expert' has denied this story and is claiming it is absolutely false. I really want someone else to weigh in on this. Any other angles/sides to this story? Is it true?

Basically, I feel Iran is being led by an evil regime hellbent on crushing resistance to their authority and beliefs. Now, if Iran has taken the step towards identifying its citizens as one thing or another, they have stepped from the world of evil to the world of 'must be destroyed.'

I will say it again. If this report is true, I whole heartedly support an invasion of Iran to remove their leadership. This may not be the best idea, I admit - but the heart wants what it wants. Never again.


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