Monday, May 22, 2006

Mexican Immigration Vs. U.S.A.

President Vincente Fox of Mexico is uring Bush and Americans to accept illegal Mexican immigrants into the U.S., no holds barred.

However, Mexico's immigration laws are just as harsh as America's, if not more so:

So. It seems like Mexico wants immigration to be a one edged sword, with them holding the hilt. Well, I have to tell you, my feelings are mixed on this subject. EVERYONE is weighing in with their two cents, and here is mine:

On the one hand, I can't help but identify with the immigrants. Their situation is similar to those Jews fleeing WW2 Germany. Ok, ok, ok! I get it. There isn't much of a similiarity there. But how can I condone the desire to give citizenship to Jews all over the world after that, while at the same time denying Mexicans the chance to become a part of America?

Well, on the other hand, many new latino immigrants aren't assimilating. They have turned Miami into a spanish speaking cuban province, and Southern California is following suit. Also, there are immigration laws for a reason. We DON'T live in a world or society without barriers, quite the opposite, and those barriers are necessary to promote peace.

We're all hard wired to hate anything different, while loving the group we came from. Borders help turn "them" into "us", and vice versa. Until humans can love each other unconditionally, there needs to be borders and rules about how to cross them.

Which bring us to the current dilemma. Amnesty, mass deportations, or a compromise between the two? At this point, I just don't see anything America does as fair. BUT IT IS NOT AMERICA'S FAULT. In fact, I blame the immigrants. THEY are the ones who have put both their countrymen and this country at risk. If they hadn't immigrated over here in such numbers, we wouldn't have a xenophobic outcry, and we wouldn't be forced to decide what to do with them.

I feel like we should ask hispanic/latino/mexican immigrants, legal ones, what they think. Maybe they'll be able to shed some light on this culture clash. Because I just don't see a solution in sight, and we're going to need one SOON.


At 3:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello I am a Mexican :)
I think the whole problem can be solved by changing my government...the people in power are good to steal our patrimony only. I would not mind for the USA to deport ALL the mexican indocumented, Mexican government should invest in production means and technology (with an ecology minded approach)...Oh!. We also should stop exporting oil to the USA and we should also cancel the NAFTA and other treaties that only favor the rich. Mexican economy should be self reliand and our coin system should be based on silver and not in dollar (monetary independence). We also need to develop our infrastructure and educate our populations to the future

At 3:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the other hand it may be too late...I am about to become a Canadian citizen and would not sacrifice myself...mexican politicians never learn :(
I hope Obama can bring change and close the borders, that will give extra pressure for mexican government to change the system, you see?. With a porous border is like letting the pressure go off and be relieved, i think you should close that border until the turmoil in my country explodes and the government changes for the better, one way or another.


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