Monday, June 12, 2006

New York times Goes To Bed With Iran

Well, well, well. It is about TIME that the New York Times finally shed its skin of neutrality and joins up with their true fan. Who'da thunk it would be President Ahmidenejad?

According to the above linked article, the esteemed NYT questioned the technical and linguistic aspects of a phrase recently attributed to President Stinky (of Iran, see related blog topic "Ahmadinejad Is A Stinker", which is that he said he wants to "Wipe Israel off the map."

I cannot describe to what length I have been offended by this article. In essence, the NYT, is, is, apologizing for this megalomaniac. By rehashing his words does the NYT thinks that they're changing his behavior or cognition? It is beyond obvious where Iran leans - he is vehemently and violently anti-West, anti-Bush, anti-America, and most passionately, anti-Israel, and anti-Jews. So what in God's name is the point of trying to retract this statement? At least it portrays him as he really is, instead of having people be unsure about it.

But for the NYT to blur his hatred like this, well, it makes me think that the NYT wants Israel wiped off the map. Ahmadinejad's statement was in no way ambiguous, just like his continued statements and actions towards acheiving nuclear weapons. He has denied the Holocaust, denied Israel's right to exist, and thumbed his nose at our morals and way of life.

Why, exactly, are you apologizing for him, NYT? Or have you no decency?


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