Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ceasefire Upheld...For Now

The current news out of the middle east is that the ceasefire between Lebanon and Israel is being upheld...but for how long?

The 'Lebanese army' will supposedly be moving down south to guard Israel's northern border for Hezbollah terrorists, but they won't actually confront Hezbollah soldiers - so whats the point?

" "There will be no confrontation between the army and brothers in Hizbullah... That is not the army's mission..." " Says Lebanon's Information Minister, Ghazi Aridi.

So again, whats the point? An empty show of force to basically pin down the IDF from attacking Hezbollah again, while giving Hezbollah terrorists free movement, and quite possibly support. AND now the Int'l Community can point their finger and say, "Look how Lebanon, who you just destroyed, is protecing you...shame on you Israel for attacking them!" To see why I put 'Lebanese Army' in quotes, check out the August 11th comic here.

*Editors Note: A conscious decision has been made, and energy will be expended to update this blog regularly, so that you faithful readers (if you exist) can enjoy a fresh cup of perspective every darned day. This is America after all!


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