Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Jimmy Carter Is Blind...And Doesn't See

Jimmy Carter, Ex-President, apparently hates the Jewish people. It has been obvious for decades, as he continually spoke out against Israel, and the Jewish people, in favor of the Palestinans, who he thinks are the ones getting persecuted.

He says, "I have spent the last 30 years trying to find peace for Israel and Israel's neighbors, and the purpose of this book is to do that," Carter responded. "But you can't find peace unless you address the existing issues honestly and frankly."

Well Jimmy, this is news to me. If by "trying to find peace for Israel", you mean stumping for terrorists who kill children for no other reason than they like to....then yea, great job on that peace thing.

Mr. Carter: Either you are very, VERY stupid....VERY, VERY IGNORANT...or you are a blatant anti-semite who might as well top off your infamous career by denying the Holocaust.

The Jewish people have been hated and despised by their arab neighbors since BEFORE they came to Israel. The Arab Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Mohammad Amin al-Husseini, sided with Hitler during WW2...or didn't you know that?
(or just do a google seach of mufti and hitler...a wealth of information will come up.)

The fact is that Israel's Arab's neighbors have always been hostile towards Israel and its Jewish citizens. And, once the PLO and other terrorist organizations started targeting Jewish citizens around the world...it became larger than simply Israel, or Israel's treatment of Palestinians.

The fact is that Arab treatment of Jews and Israelis, from terrorism to oppression in their own countries, is what has caused this disconnect and harsh treatment of the Palestinians. How are you supposed to treat the people responsible for killing your fellows...for no good reason other than, "we hate you, leave."

Jimmy, you need to open your eyes and realize you're a fucking idiot, and every single Jew on this planet hates you for the universe of trouble you have caused, and continue, to cause us.


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