Wednesday, November 08, 2006

No Mercy: Democrats Hit Bush With All They've Got

I don't even know where to begin in discussing todays mid-term election results.

The republican's scandals, corruption, national debt issues, and Iraq war sunk their battleship. Not to mention the fact that the majority of Americans are waking up to the fool of a President that they voted for.

However, reading comments at (highly reccomended site), I came across this, which definitely should give everyone food for thought.

"If Bush had fired him publicly a month ago, the Republicans might have won last night."

Whoever wrote that is very perceptive, and may actually be more than a little right. If Bush had put the faltering (okay, losing/unwinnable/stupid folly to enter into) war into competent hands, and then used the media to show whats being done about it...Yup, Bush's party might have kept their majority.

But the Republicans were so sure of themselves (read: hubris) that they didn't even bother to use those kinds of tactics. meanwhile, EVERYONE was using SOMETHING against them. Whether its scandal after scandal being exposed, or the editorial from Military Publications about Rumsfeld, or simply dissatisfaction with Bush, the Republicans decided to try and mud sling democrats instead of defending for themselves. Thank God for that!


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