Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Thailand - A Democracy No More?

I'm sure most of you have heard by now of Thailand's surprise Coup by the military leader, Genderal Sondhi, who took the opportunity to revolt when the nation's Prime Minister was in NYC, at the U.N.

The NYT reports, "As Thais awoke this morning to news of the coup, General Sondhi’s junta sought to consolidate its control, banning public gatherings, threatening to shut down or block telecommunications and urging “farmers and laborers” — many of whom are strong supporters of the ousted government — to stay out of politics."'

Here's the funny thing I'm trying to get my head around. If General Sondhi has seized power and eliminated the country's democracy and constitution, and told the nation's citizens to "stay out of politics" - how is that restoring democracy?

It seems to me that this is the farthest possible thing from democracy. Only time will tell, but I have my doubts that Thailand will revert to its old democratic self any time soon.


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