Thursday, August 17, 2006

Unconsciable behavior

This report made me sick and angry.

"KOLKATA, India, Aug 17 (Reuters) - A group of Indian television journalists gave a man matches and diesel to help him commit suicide in order to get dramatic footage which was later broadcast on the news, police said on Thursday.

The man died from severe burns to his body in hospital in Gaya town in the eastern state of Bihar on August 15, India's Independence Day. Footage of the man, screaming and writhing in pain as he ran with his back on fire, was aired on several television channels. Police identified the man as Manoj Mishra."


"The TV crews left the scene without aiding Mishra who suffered burns to over 70 percent of his body..."

That is among the worst behavior I have ever heard of among journalists. I mean, these people basically helped him kill himself, and then walked away when he was still alive.

That is like giving a gun to a thief who then holds up a liquor store, so he can get you a bottle of whiskey, and then walking away like you had no part in the crime.

How desperate for ratings must they be? How inured to pain and tragedy must they be to not care about his fate? How much disrespect can they have for their own lives, and the lives of others, to leave this mark on their souls?


At 2:53 PM, Anonymous Reklaw Lah said...

Matches and gasoline don't kill people. People kill people.


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