Thursday, July 24, 2008

Joe Liberman, A Disgrace To American Jews

Joe Lieberman has sunk below rock bottom to be somewhere in the earth's mantle by now, according to my perspective.

Lieberman, a democrat turned Republican attack literally just that. I'm not sure why he crossed party lines - but one thing for sure is...that nobody respects this opportunistic deushe bag.

The main reason I am finally speaking out against Lieberman is an article I just saw on

"One of John McCain's most prominent supporters on Tuesday praised an evangelical leader whom the Republican presidential candidate repudiated after a string of controversial remarks were made public.

Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman, an independent who frequently campaigns with McCain, said pastor John Hagee's support for Israel outweighed the remarks that led McCain to reject his endorsement."

This guy is giving us all a bad name! The #1 problem most Americans have with Jews, besides the fact that they erroneously think they are persecuting palestinians/arabs and keeping them from having real lives, is that Americans think Jews support Israel - above everything else.

And that is what Lieberman prominently does. Far from being a clever tactic, or even a simple one of apeasement to his constituents - he is throwing us all in harm's way. This tactic has NEVER worked, and it promises only trouble. Shame on you Lieberman, for being a stupid, stupid Jew. The only thing worse than you is a self hating Jew.

If you want to support Israel, Lieberman, remove yourself from office, and endorse someone with more savvy than you. I just don't know how you keep getting elected. I hope that stops.

Oh, and if you want to know some of the remarks Hagle said,

"...Mr Hagee himself has apologised to Catholics for calling their church “The Great Whore”/”false cult system” and to Jews for arguing that the Holocaust was God’s way of getting Jews to move to Israel. Both apologies were accepted."

Hagee is an Armageddonist...he thinks all Jews need to be in Israel for the Messiah to come - which then means all Jews will burn in hell unless they repent and honor Jesus.

Ummm...thanks for the support...I actually do like conservative Christians for their unwavering support of Israel, even if they think I'm currently damned...but we don't need to pander to them. Have some sense of decency Liebs. For Jebus sake!


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