Tuesday, July 01, 2008

News Alert: Iran's Big Bird To Congratulate Mugabe On Victory

Sometimes you see headlines that make you exclaim so loud that your coworkers then KNOW you're not actually working like you're supposed to.

Toady's 'exclaim outloud headline':

"We 'respect' Zimbabwe election results: Iran

Iran today said it "respects" the outcome of Zimbabwe's one-man presidential election which saw veteran incumbent Robert Mugabe stay in power but was denounced as a farce by the West.

"We respect the will of the Zimbabwean people expressed in the second round of the presidential elections, whatever it is," foreign ministry Mohammad Ali Hosseini said.

"We hope that these results are in the interest of the independence and the development of Zimbabwe," he added, according to the ISNA student news agency."

Story background: Mugabe is a dictator in Zimbabwe whose latest 'election' was a super sham, as the only opposition candidate bowed out of the race - as his supporters were being violently killed by blatantly obvious Mugabe thugs.

One minister had his wife mutilated and then burned alive.


This 'election' is a despicable act of power over your enemies - instead of holding an election wherein you kill your opponents, why not just let everyone know you're a dictator, and they WILL be killed for opposing you, thereby using the threat of force to save lives? If you're going to be a right bastard in the first place, might as well be honest about it instead of lying, then you have to waste all that energy wasting people.

But I digress. What I'm really writing about is Iran's reaction here. The rest of the world has condemned this election as a sham, condemned Mugabe as a human rights violator and power usurper, and the U.S. is taking this up with the United Nations this week. (Big deal but at least its something.)

So, for Iran to bless this election and Mugabe's power, means that Iran fully supports his bloody methods and ruthless dictatorship. What does this say about Iran to everyone (that you didn't alerady know?)

Well, if I have to spell it out for you, it says, "Iran identifies with bloodshed to keep power politically and domestically, and wants to align itself with nations with whom it sees eye to eye on violence and oppression."

That, my friends, is evil. Bush finally got it right when he called them the axis of evil.

I beg forgiveness from the universe for actually agreeing with Bush. But for once, he actually got it right. Iran is a tumor on the global body, and will slowly kill us all if not removed.

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At 12:14 PM, Anonymous Hal said...

Brids of a feather will flock together.


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