Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Saudi Arabia In Iraq

This morning I read that Saudi Arabia is going to send troops to Iraq (but now I can't find any news sites with that article.) I wondered to myself, why? That doesn't make sense!

Then I read Sandmonkey's latest post, and it all came together for me. Shame on me not realizing the situation before. http://www.sandmonkey.org/2007/01/15/that-train-wont-be-late/

Specifically, SM says, "The people who read me regularly and know me personally know that I am a believer that the next war in the middle-east won't be fought between the arabs and the jews, but rather between the Sunnis and the Shia. Iran seems to be overstepping its influence in the region, with meddeling in Iraq, Lebanon and Bahrain, which is freaking Saudi and the other sunni gulf states out, and for some reason Egypt's as well. It makes sense that the gulf states would want Mubarak to join the effort, since Egypt is the only country in the region wih population to equal Iran's and a military in par with it (What is Egypt now if not a big ,yet not very efficient, military structure?). "

In other words, Iraq is a boiling point of Shiite and Sunni animosity, and now that Iran is exploiting it to no end, the other Sunni nations are getting worried. Then, I found this random thought:

S Mohanakrishnan
How ironical that Bush is sending more troops to Iraq to bolster a Governemnt dominated by Shiites when Iran (which is a Shiite nation) is America’s arch-enemy. While most of the other oil powers in the Middle East like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the Emirates, Kuwiit, etc which are friends of USA are Sunni nations. And American troops are going to battle and kill Sunni militia members. The devil must be having a hearty laugh. Wonder how this will play out?

VERY interesting. Because, it raises the question of what U.S. troops are doing over there in the first place. I mean, once Sunni and Shiite go all out against each other, America will have to pick sides. And not the side of Iraq. So yea, how WILL this play out?


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