Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Response To Comments About Jimmy's New Book

The previous post to this one talked about Jimmy Carter's new book that demonizes Israel and calls it an apartheid state.

The proffered link is to RawStory.com, where the story can be found, and there are comments underneath.

Almost every, single, comment, is blatant hatred directed at Israel.

Where, here is what I have to say to you people:

"Wow. I thought that people hated Israel before, but now I see I had understated the problem.
First of all, you people who say "all the world's problems can be laid at Israel's door"...are you completely insane?

What about: Homelessness, poverty, disease, slavery, sex crimes, genocide, oppression, murder, and persecution, ALL AROUND THE WORLD, that have nothing to do with Israel?

Would there be genocide in Darfur if Israel didn't exist? Yes.

Would muslims around the world be targeting western culture for annihlation, without Israel? Yes!

Would N. Korea and Iran still be worldwide threats to peace, security, and indeed humanity as a whole...if Israel didn't exist? YES.

You people who blame Israel for everything from muslim tensions to you not getting your Christmas bonus are bigots. At least admit it to yourselves for heaven's sake.

Finally - if you were Israel, and your arab neighbors only wanted to kill and maim you for false reasons (The Protocols of the Elders of Zion)...what would you do? Let them kill you?
You people disgust me. And you ruin my faith in humanity.

Perhaps, just perhaps, if terrorists stopped killing Israelies (which they haven't for more than 30 years, about as long as Jimmy's been "trying to find peace")...there would be peace. Israel cannot do anything to end this conflict until every single one of their citizens dies.

Is that what you people want? If thats so...then yes, call yourself Nazis, and be proud of that. "

Ignorance isn't bliss...it's the fuel of blind hatred.


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