Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Holocaust Denial Camp

I have decided that I am going to try and post something every day I see a story about Holocaust denial.

Personally, I find this one of the most offensive schools of "belief." I mean, an entire generation of people were destroyed, and now you dishonor their memory by trying to pretend they never existed? That is the ultimate insult. Who the hell do you think you are to try and hurt people this way? This isn't just about trying to deny/forget this genocide (so that you monsters can perpetrate another one...those who forget history are doomed to repeat it...); it's about the living families who lost relatives in that horrid act, and people who never lived because of it. Every time an anti-semite says 'the holocaust never happened'...well, I can't help but think about the Jews who were forced to choose to save their own lives instead of their mother's, father's, brother's, sister's, friend's, daughters, son's lives.

For instance, if you watched your father beaten to death, but didn't say anything...because you didn't want to die too. Or if you were forced to watch their execution and you knew there was nothing you could do.

The Holocaust was an act of pure, unadulturated narcissistic hate. It was the pinnacle of horror at the time of its inception, due to new technology and ways of killing people. In 1940, killing 6 million people in only a few years was something that could never have been done before, well at least that easily. In todays world, genocides have occurred, with less effort, and much less attention were devoted to them. In other words, IT CAN HAPPEN AGAIN, more so than at any time since WWII.

So, I will post history, personal stories, and information about the Holocaust, until I can't bear to anymore.

Below are stories of people getting loaded onto cattle cars:



At 10:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate to say this, but you're wrong about the Nazis--they weren't the first ones to use mass genocide on that big of a scale. In Russia, after the Bolshevik Revolution, Lenin, Trotsky, and Stalin all committed mass purges of peasants and clergy who didn't agree with their new Communist ideas. Here's a short run-down (and keep in mind that these are conservative estimates):

Deliberate massive famine (Lenin and Trotsky) during the resistence movement in 1921-22: between 2.5 and 5 million.

In Ukraine (Stalin) between 1932-33: around 7 million

1935-38: between 4 and 11 million.

Also, even in World War Two, the Soviet state was still the number 1 killer of Soviet citizens, with the Nazis taking second place, and Stalin's death methods were far more barbaric then Hitler's.

Here's a website with more information:


It should be noted that although the high numbers may be debated, the fact that these purges happened is not debated: Lenin and Stalin even bragged about them in their letters.

I'm not saying that Hitler was an angel: far from it. I'm not saying that denying the Nazi Holocaust ever happened is a good thing: it's not. I'm just saying that before you say that the Nazi's performed the worst Holocaust ever, you should probably check your facts out.



At 10:44 AM, Blogger Sam The Blogger said...


I'm not saying the nazis were the first or only ones to perpetrate genocide, or that the Holocaust was the worst one ever.

I am saying, that example of horror is personal to me and and I condemn it and any genocide like it.

This post was a specific response to the Holocaust Deniers Conference in Iran, and was not comparing or contrasting other genocides. So, thank you for your facts, and when there is a conference that denies whether the atrocities in the bolshevik resolution or the Ukraine ever occureed, you let me know.


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