Thursday, October 30, 2014

Winter is Coming

Not the good kind.

This planet has not had a nuclear holocaust.  Yet.

The scary thing is people think we're safe because we haven't had one so far.  However, though we have survived some seriously hairy bottle necks, there are even tougher times ahead.

Technology will progress to the point where a scientist in a bunker in Iran can design and manufacture a nuclear bomb that can fit into a suitcase.  Or they can just download the blueprints and 3-D printer them into existence.  Regardless of the method, the facts are this is inevitable - if we don't destroy ourselves another way first.  Which is also scary. 


At 1:07 PM, Blogger Hillel Markowitz said...

An interesting story based on this is the idea that someone develops a weapon that destroys the universe if nuclear war breaks out. As a result, every time nuclear war gets close, it is somehow evaded.

For a religious aspect, Hashem intervenes (subtly) to prevent final destruction.


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