Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Israel Doesn't Want The West Bank You Idiot

Dear Thomas Friedman,

How can you be SUCH an IDIOT?

"Ever since Israel occupied the West Bank and its Palestinian population in 1967, Israelis have faced a dilemma: Do they want a Jewish state, a democratic state and state in all of the land of Israel (Israel plus the West Bank)? In this world, they can have only two out of three. Israel can be Jewish and democratic, but not if it keeps the West Bank, because the Palestinians there plus all the Israeli Arabs will eventually outnumber the Jews. It can be Jewish and keep the West Bank, but then it can’t be democratic; Arabs will be the majority. It can be democratic and keep the West Bank, but then it can’t be Jewish."

Israel doesn't want to live in the West Bank. They 'occupied' it in the interests of security. It is the birthing ground, staging ground, and launching pad of guerilla warfare AGAINST ISRAELI CITIZENS.

How can you miss this? Are you 1. Ignorant, 2. So egotistical that your thoughts outweigh real life, 3. Just stupid?

People like you, who are held up to be thought leaders and intellectual role models, are why people don't know wtf is going on at all anywhere.

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