Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thomas Friedman

Thomas Friedman, you are a fucking asshole. How the fuck do you know what I'm thinking about Israel?

You are clearly an anti-zionist. You always have been, as long as I've been reading you. And you are always making stupid statements that are as far from the truth as I am from being an astronaut.

And then you go make a statement like, as read on, "The New York Times columnist also lamented the fact that young American Jews are drifting away from Israel."

Really? How do you know that? Did you take a poll? Read a 'statistic' from the 'news organization' CNN? Or maybe your hubris has racketed up a notch, and now you think you speak for all American Jews?

You say things that purposely damage people's perspective on Israel, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, and Israeli's in particular. Nothing, NOTHING you have ever written has offered any kind of positive impact on the situation. It is always deriding Israel for this, or that, and never, EVER, getting to the heart of the situation. That is what makes you most pathetic.

You have been writing for more than a decade, and you still don't know what fuck you are talking about.

From the, "Friedman derided Israel's calls for the Palestinians to recognize Israel as a Jewish State in exchange for a renewed freeze on construction in the settlements that could revive peace talks."

Really? Now why would you do that? Don't you think that Israel being recognized as a legal and internationally recognized Jewish state would help...AT ALL?

Israel has been asking for this request for it's ENTIRE EXISTENCE. It is not tied to a simple building freeze. Which obviously has other implications than you know, since you've never delved into it.

So yea, you are a fucking asshole. You are akin to a self hating Jew. Using your legitimate platform to illigitimately demonize Israel. Get a fucking life, get a fucking clue, and stop writing, talking, and thinking, since that only does harm to the world. And to me personally.

Fucking. Asshole.

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