Friday, January 06, 2006

The Target Says What?

Today I officially admit that I am a bitter Jew. I simply can no longer look around this world and say that it is not Anti-Semitic. Even living in Jew York, where I am insulated from most bias, I see the world using Israel as a punching bag. My bitterness includes the right to aggressively suggest that anyone who is anti-israe,l is also anti-semitic. I am sick to my fucking boots about that inane crap, "I'm anti-Israel but I love Jews". Give me your reasons why Israel is bad, and I'll give you the reasons why you're a fucking idiot.

Lets just target those anti-zionists who 'aren't anti-semitic', shall we? Lets go over WHY you are against Israel. Lets see, hmm, how many other countries are treated to rhetoric as to why they don't have the right to exist. In N. Korea they fucking eat other people to stay alive, and yet no one charges them with being an illegal nation formenting nothing but hatred and war and death.

People think Israel shouldn't exist because:

1. The Palestinians were there first
2. Why should the Jews get their own nation?
3. Israel is the cause of global terrorism and islamic fundamentalism
4. Israel is an apartheid racist nation that has oppressed arabs for 50 years
5. The world would simply be better off without Israel


1. There are many books and articles about this, and the corresponding demographics for the past couple of centuries. All I'm going to say is, the U.S. shouldn't exist because the Indians were there first. So, basically, in order to quiet world opinion, Israel should exterminate the palestinians to a point where they are harmless. I'm NOT advocating that at all, just using it as an example to show how much water that reason really holds historically.

2. Because the Jews were targeted as a religion to be destroyed, they had NO WHERE to go to be safe, and they took the initiative to relocate as many Jews there as possible. They successfully created a national from nothing. What other movement has ever done something like that? Why shouldn't they have a nation?

3. I'll be blunt. Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism was a natural development nothing could have stopped. The Jews were just their first target. Eventually Islamic fundamentalism would have targeted the west, just as it is now. Those people see the world as their oyster to subjugate and rule with an iron fist, and they respect nothing but their own twisted ideals. If it wasn't for Israel, they would probably have targeted other western nations instead. And Israel wouldn't be fighting them over there, we'd be fighting them, over here.

4. Israeli arabs are not treated as well as they should be in Israel. Mostly because they are a minority, and even more so because their fellow arabs represent a threat to Israel. This is not good. However, show me a nation that doesn't unfairly represent at least some of its minority constituents, and I'll sell you a map to the yellow brick road. America still doesn't treat its African American population accordingly, and no one calls for their destruction.

5. The world would not have many things were it not for Israel. It is the only splinter of democracy in the entire middle east region, it has more nobel prize winners than almost any other country, and they recently invented the pill camera, which you swallow and it diagnoses things undiagnosable before. It has saved lives all over the world. It may save your life. And thats just one reason.

In conclusion, Jews are the world's scapegoat. It's something no one ever says, but has always been true. Islamists have fastened themselves upon a culture of hating Israel and Jews, probably because their leaders created it to deflect criticism and hatred of their own regimes. So why do you hate Israel and Jews? Because you're a fucking idiot who can't think for yourself. Congratulations.