Thursday, April 27, 2006

Angelina Jolie Is NOT The Most Beautiful Woman

People magazine needs its collective head examined.

Angelina Jolie is so not the most beautiful woman in the world. First of all, she's farking pregnant right now. 2nd of all, she's a freaking tramp. Third of all, yes she's sexy and seductive and alluring, but please, more beautiful than anyone? No, definitely not. I'll make my own pick for you faithful perusers.

Da Vinci Judge Needs Idiot Code

A judge in Britain needs his head examined.

Apparently, this guy is presiding over the Da Vinci code plagurism case, right? So, to get into the mood of things, he put his OWN code into his judgement. Weird letters italicized, things like that.

Sorry buddy, but if you're a judge you don't get to doodle in the corners of your Trapper Keeper. Try to show some decorum. Geez.

MTA Is A Sore Winner

We've been waiting for months for the other shoe to drop, after the Transit Union Workers strike in NYC over the summer of '05.

The whole scenario was ridiculous and despicable. On the one hand you have the MTA, which was covertly breaking the Taylor Law, tailor made to support the rights of transit workers, by trying to reduce their benefits while increasing the retirement age without their permission. Not to mention they didn't offer their workers any of the surplus the MTA had "earned" over the last couple of years, in terms of raises, increased vacation time, more benefits, or even improved working conditions.

On the other hand, you have the TWU, The Transit Workers Union, led by the cartoon villian Robert Toussaint (I almost spelled his name right on the first try.) Toussaint became a media whore and a despot, arguing his way or the high way. Now, I never got the full laydown of how the MTAs final offer didn't exactly match what Toussaint had lobbied for, but the deal seemed good to me.

So, against all good reason, against the pleas of an entire city and its government, Robert Toussaint used his power to shut down the transit of the biggest city in America.

Which is against the Taylor law. In exchange for the right to have certain of their benefits protected, and not to be messed with by the MTA, the TWU is NOT supposed to strike.

Which they did. For 3 days. The MTA caved. And then. AND THEN. The TWU voted the improved contract down.

So that strike did nothing, nothing! It cost us millions of dollars, thousands of man hours, and plenty of griping, and it didn't accomplish anything! Also, the MTA then said that offer was withdrawn from the table.

Now to the nuts and bolts of this post. After another month or two, the TWU finally voted again, accepting the proposed contract they had initially shot down, which the MTA then said was not on the table anymore.

The MTA had a chance, right now, to be the bigger person and say, we're happy to resolve this conflict and give you this contract. Instead, they say, NO DEAL. WTF? What can you possibly hope to gain from this shameless maneuver? You're helping to screw thousands of workers that pay the MTAs salary, and for what? They didn't offer a new contract, and they wouldn't offer reasons why they won't re-offer the old one, now that is been approved and accepted across the board.

The MTA has now convinced me they are a bunch of pathetic sore losers that can't let go of a grudge. The only thing MTA Chairman said in defense of their refusal to consider the contract the TWU had finally accepted was, "There was a criminal act committed against the riders of this system...They have no right to push that deal in its exact form down our throat."

What does that say to you? It says to me Kalikow is pissed that they pulled one over on him, the strike, and this is his revenge. You're one bitch pussy cat, you know that Kalikow?

Side note: I think Toussaint got what he paid for when he headed to jail. It was HIS decision to do that strike, HE stood behind it, so HE should pay for it, and do it graciously. Not holding a sit in to protest his own illegal action. He's also a pathetic loser.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Bin Laden Is Glue

Dear Mr. Bin Laden (As the NYT calls him):

I'm rubber, and you're glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you.

I think that about sums up the amount of intellectual value your recent missive has, don't you?

First of all, I am just so tired of your rhetoric and dogma. You say the same thing, over and over again; repitition in and of itself doesn't lend truth to your statements. This "War Against Islam" that you like to say the West has formented: what was the opening shot? What was the straw that broke the camel's back?

I believe that evidence suggests quite the opposite, that the fundamental nature of Islam NEEDS a constant threat/conflict to continue to exist. (For more info on this idea, visit the Fjordman Report The Fjordman report reflects upon the nature of Islam that was cast when it was formed by Mohammed. In short, Mohammed created the religion of Islam as a reason to incite fellow arabs to fight for him. He funded his society through the pillaging of outside cultures, teaching that no other way but Islam could be condoned. The conversion of heathens to Islam was a reason to invade and conquer, which offered bountiful plunder, and bountiful plunder was an extremely good reason to invade and conquer and convert heathens. See how that works?

So, it seems to me that this "War On Islam" that the west has begun DOES in fact exist - but only as a defense against the (contemporary) attacks of Islam on the west. In other words, they have stuck a razor blade in our halloween candy, and when we came over with our parents to get restitution, they said we started the whole thing. It's children's logic (but extremely effective global politics all the same. It appears that whoever says something first has the most effective claim on truth in the matter.)

Also, I believe that someone should respond to respond to these Bin Laden missives, in some manner. They are already getting global coverage in every single media source, so its not like we'd be lending credibility to them. I would love to see a figure, such as our secretary of Homeland Defense, respond with statments like:

"Mr. Bin Laden. Your cowardly declarations only prove that you are unable or unwilling to put your money where your mouth is. We, the global community, and in particular the United States of America, know that your outrageous and inflamatory statements are NOTHING but hot air. Your ethical and moral standards are reprehensible, and your means serve no ends but your own. You have shown yourself and your followers to be akin to Nazis, and we will exterminate you, your leaders, and your regime as effectively as we did the Third Reich. We stand opposed to EVERYTHING you stand for, and we will not rest until your twisted and evil plans for global domination are put to rest forever. You and your fundamentalism are nothing but a spoiled child, that can't play well with others."

Just say something, for God's sake! Respond with anything except a stupid and badly planned excursion into Iraq, which simply upset the global balance of power, and at least lent some superficial credibility to Bin Laden's "Attack on the West" rhetoric. Verbally show that Bin Ladin is today's Hitler. Find their leaders and kill them. Expose the blatant horrors of daily Islamic life. They don't figh fair, but we don't have to stoop to that level to beat them. But we do have to take our heads out of our asses to do it.

Moving on, we can show their close proximity to Nazis when we examine Bin Laden's call to arms in Sudan. EVERYONE knows the arab junta is actively targeting the black population there for extermination. By giving his sanction to this genocide, Bin Laden blatantly shows his true colors. If he stands for ethnic cleansing, than anyone who stands with him is a rubber stamp of the nazis, aryans, ku klux klan, etc. Bin Ladne and Kim Jong Il have more in common than they know.

I'm only going to touch on Bin Laden's statement that the Dutch cartoonists should be handed over to them for punishment. This is an example of the intolerance of their religion and culture. At its inception, Islam conquered other cultures to assert its supremacy over them (and rape, and pillage and sack and burn.) Anyone that defames the basis of their barbarian imperialism is their enemy, and they want to destoy them. If a person who simply writes/draws a cartoon is an enemy that should be 'punished', then nothing is safe, nothing is sacred. I applaud the Dutch cartoonists, if not for their judgemental cartoons, then their wilingness to stand up for the right to draw them in the first place.

So, in conclusion, I find Bin Laden and his ideals to be akin to the nazis, with his reasoning to be as faulty. And the he has as much right to life as a rabid dog. So would President Bush finally do something with his administration that would be worth remembering and find this guy and kill him?! That would be something I would, maybe not be proud of, but be happy enough with the result that I wouldn't lose any sleep over it.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Junk Science Is A Matter of Perspective

An online article today that I found through listed the top 10 "junk science" stories of the last decade.

They say, at the end, that the biggest junk-science story is "Global Warming."


This writer is obviously a republican who believes Bush - and therefore I amazed that someone with an IQ level of 50 could actually manage to get something like this online.

I believe that the last 3 chiefs of the EPA all resigned because they could not be proactive with Bush at the helm of this country. With his goons censoring everything and literally threatening scientists not to stray from the party line (that global warming is a myth), no credible evidence has BEEN ABLE to surface regarding this issue.


1. The alarming rate of the ice caps melting
2. The never before seen hurricane season
3. Rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
4. A measurable increase in the number of people with asthma and related breathing problems
5. A winter that wasn't a winter on the east coast.

I could go on. I don't think Global Warming is junk science. I think trying to debunk the evidence pointing to Global Warming is.

Top Ten Junk Science Stories Of The Last Decade,2933,189706,00.html
By Steven Milloy

The U.S. Goverment Has Gone Fascist

This, is the 3:00 afternoon news, with your host Jim Limach of AP News (you can now arrest me for identity theft.)

I am sorry to report that all 3 branches of the U.S. government have finally slid to completely unacceptable levels. I refer to an article that mentions how two drug dealers almost had their gold teeth removed as "seizable assets."

After seeing this article, the first thing that came to mind were the Jewish victims of the Nazis, who had their gold fillings yanked out of their mouths to pay for the war effort.

I believe that is all that needs to be said about this. God help us all.


Prosecutors tried to seize gold caps from drug suspects' teeth

TACOMA, Wash. (AP) — Two drug suspects in Washington state nearly had some unwanted dental work.

Government lawyers tried to confiscate the gold tooth caps from the mouths of the two men, saying the dental work qualified as seizable assets.

The two were in a vehicle on the way to a dental clinic by the time a judge was persuaded to stop the procedure. Lawyers and documents from the case say that prosecutors had a warrant to seize the gold dental work, but they eventually abandoned the effort.

As it turns out, the caps — which can cost tens of thousands of dollars for a full set — weren't removable.

A spokeswoman for the U.S. attorney's office in Seattle says prosecutors were "under the impression that these snapped out like a retainer."

(Copyright 2006 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Fatwa Against Statues - That Means No Mimes

This article discusses a recent fatwa from the highest religious source in Egypt. This fatwa forbids the display of any and all statues, and specifically targets sculptors and their creations.

It overturns a 100-year old fatwa that says sculptures are ok, so long as they aren't worshipped. Says art/history officials:

""The notion sounds “ridiculous,” Yussef Zidan, director of the manuscript museum at the prestigious Bibliotheca Alexandrina, told AFP (of the idea that bombers would blow up museums that held such artwork.)

“Why would anyone even bring up the issue (of the statues) in a country where there are more than 10 state-owned institutions that teach sculpting and more than 20 others that teach the history of art?”

Ghitani (editor of the literary Akhbar al-Adab magazine) added: “It’s time for those placing impediments between Islam and innovation to get out of our lives.”


The whole purpose of highlighting this article was to show yet another blindfold being placed in front of the islamic world's eyes. What possible purpose could this fatwa/declaration serve? Why now? What spurred it? Could it possibly be a reaction to the Mohammed cartoons?

In any case, it is completely ridiculous. As the article linked above mentions, this is somewhat akin to the Taliban destryong the thousand year old statues of Buddha. Who would want to be associated with that?

Bottom line: this fatwa is only meant to keep muslims from realizing their lives, their countries, and their souls have been hijacked year after year by psychopaths whose only goal is complete power through Islamic Fundamentalist subjugation. What'll be next, a ban on music?