Monday, March 09, 2009

I Hope The NYT Fails

With newspapers dropping like flies in the winter, it's pretty harsh to wish ill will upon struggling compoanies.

However, the exception to the above rule is the New York Slimes (Times).

I am so sick of their editorials. They keep trying to capture the high ground, without realizing that they lost the highground years ago. How can the NYT be a prestigious news daily when its country of origin is a cesspool of corruption, laziness, entitlement, and falling morals?

I specifically refer to this article: ,

which once again somehow angelizes Hamas and Hezbollah, and says the fault lies with everyone but them, for not dealing with them in good faith.

The writer also points out that Israel is the one who called 1,000+ people in response to unending rocket attacks. So, obviously, it is ISRAEL who is at fault here.

The author does say this, embedded somewhere in the middle of the article, "What is essential is that it renounces violence, in tandem with Israel, and the inculcation of hatred that feeds the violence."

Thats the one line that the writer devotes to the heart of the problem. Mr. Cohen, did you hear the news story about how Hamas brought out a victim of the response to the rocket attacks - The Mickey Mouse of Palestine. Yes, thats right, Hamas brought out a cartoon mouse and said he was a casualty of the violence.

How are you supposed to negotiate with that?

Of course, the writer doesn't address that. he simply says, and I'm paraphrasing, it's time that we recognize Hamas and Hezbollah and deal with them in a politcally correct fashion.

Mr. Cohen, thats like saying the Nazi's were pretty okay, and we just needed to give them a shot.

You are a fucking douchebag, Mr. Cohen, and now is the time to get your head out of your ass.

If you were Israel, what would YOU do? Hmm? You're trying to protect the only and last bastion of Jewish strength in the world. You'd just capitulate and hope that the Palestinians would stop trying to kill you, your family, your neighbors, and everyone who shares your religion?

Give me a break. Your solution isn't a solution, unless you're talking about the Nazi's Final Solution. You disgust me. You offend me. You show me that what little hope there is in the world, people like you will squander it.

I'm a Jew. And I remember the Holocaust. Do you? I will never give one step in the fight for my people's survival. Remember that. And stop writing these fucking douchebag articles. Nobody buys into this shit, unless they hate Jews already.