Thursday, July 24, 2008

Joe Liberman, A Disgrace To American Jews

Joe Lieberman has sunk below rock bottom to be somewhere in the earth's mantle by now, according to my perspective.

Lieberman, a democrat turned Republican attack literally just that. I'm not sure why he crossed party lines - but one thing for sure is...that nobody respects this opportunistic deushe bag.

The main reason I am finally speaking out against Lieberman is an article I just saw on

"One of John McCain's most prominent supporters on Tuesday praised an evangelical leader whom the Republican presidential candidate repudiated after a string of controversial remarks were made public.

Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman, an independent who frequently campaigns with McCain, said pastor John Hagee's support for Israel outweighed the remarks that led McCain to reject his endorsement."

This guy is giving us all a bad name! The #1 problem most Americans have with Jews, besides the fact that they erroneously think they are persecuting palestinians/arabs and keeping them from having real lives, is that Americans think Jews support Israel - above everything else.

And that is what Lieberman prominently does. Far from being a clever tactic, or even a simple one of apeasement to his constituents - he is throwing us all in harm's way. This tactic has NEVER worked, and it promises only trouble. Shame on you Lieberman, for being a stupid, stupid Jew. The only thing worse than you is a self hating Jew.

If you want to support Israel, Lieberman, remove yourself from office, and endorse someone with more savvy than you. I just don't know how you keep getting elected. I hope that stops.

Oh, and if you want to know some of the remarks Hagle said,

"...Mr Hagee himself has apologised to Catholics for calling their church “The Great Whore”/”false cult system” and to Jews for arguing that the Holocaust was God’s way of getting Jews to move to Israel. Both apologies were accepted."

Hagee is an Armageddonist...he thinks all Jews need to be in Israel for the Messiah to come - which then means all Jews will burn in hell unless they repent and honor Jesus.

Ummm...thanks for the support...I actually do like conservative Christians for their unwavering support of Israel, even if they think I'm currently damned...but we don't need to pander to them. Have some sense of decency Liebs. For Jebus sake!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Condi Rice Removes Free School Lunch For Obama

In an glaringly partisan move, under the umbrella of a non-partisan move, Condi "The Eliminator" Rice sent a memo to overseas embassies - right before Obama left for his Global trip, forbidding any embassy from giving Obama undue assistance.

"The night before presumptive Democratic nominee Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) left for Afghanistan, Iraq and Western Europe for a tour of US bases overseas, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice issued a cable to US missions forbidding them from holding events for presidential candidates or arrange meetings for them.

Rice issued no such cable prior to foreign excursions by presumptive Republican nominee Sen. John McCain (R-AZ).

In a cable sent late Thursday, according to a copy leaked to the Washington Times, Rice enjoined American diplomats to treat the candidates as "members of Congress visiting in personal or semi-personal capacities," but "with additional restrictions based on rules related to political activity."

"Provide de minimis assistance to the candidate with logistical arrangements," said the cable, according to the Times. "If the campaign staff wants to rent a bus for press, tell them where they can rent a bus."

Rice didn't issue the same demands in advance of travel by Sen. McCain. McCain visited the Middle East four months ago -- but officials told the paper they didn't make similar demands because he was part of an "official congressional delegation." ******

"American embassies and consulates around the world are actively engaged in official visits by members of Congress and other government leaders, the paper noted. "Diplomats meet the visitors at the airport, accompany them to meetings, most of which they have arranged, and host public events for them."

Rice made an effort in her cable to distance herself from claims that her decision might have been influenced by politics.

"It is imperative that, in implementing these various requirements, we treat both major presidential candidates evenhandedly," she wrote. "Our interactions with the candidates need to be made in the context that they are also sitting U.S. senators and very important U.S. visitors with special security concerns."

But she forbid them from any attempts to "hold or arrange receptions or public events for the candidate," "arrange the candidate's meetings" or "use official funds and resources, beyond a de minimis level, to support a political trip." "

Ohhhhkay. Has anyone ever seen this kind of "memo" sent out to embassies prior to a Presidential election before? I certainly haven't. Moreover, a commenter on noted,

******"Rice didn't issue the same demands in advance of travel by Sen. McCain.

McCain visited the Middle East four months ago -- but officials told the paper they didn't make similar demands because he was part of an "official congressional delegation."

AND on another article it says:The Illinois senator — traveling in a congressional delegation with Sens. Jack Reed, D-R.I., and Chuck Hagel, R-Neb. — arrived in the country early Monday. Their first stop was Basra, the U.S. Embassy said."

Something smells fishy to me. When John McCain panders around the globe with fellow congressional backers, erm, I mean, delegates, it's fine. But when Obama does the same thing, he is to be treated like a rabid animal...provide no assistance, and capture and sedate if possible.

This is just one of the blatant news items coming out of the WH that nobody will raise a finger about...because we're all too busy ranting about it on the Internet on blogs no one will ever see.

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All For One, One For Neither

*Editors Note: I am mostly impartial to our Presidential Candidates at the moment, having decided that NEITHER is even remotely the person I want to see in the White House. I comment merely on the disparity of treatment between the two 'presumptive' (I hate that word in this context, used repeatedly) candidates, as well as the propaganda machines in full effect, those being Fox News, CNN, The NYT, etc. Each one of those media oragnizations has a specific agenda, and they are not shy about banging their prospective drums to their own beat, regardless of taste, ethics, or their listeners/viewers/readers.

Monday, July 14, 2008

New Yorker Forgets What Satire Means

Regarding the cover of the New Yorker Magazine, in which Obama terrorist jabs/fist bumps his wife, while dressed in evil Islamic garb, this writer finds that the joke is on...well everybody.

Writer David Remnick, responding to an email from a Huffington post reporter, had this to say:

"Remnick responded by email: "Obviously I wouldn't have run a cover just to get attention — I ran the cover because I thought it had something to say. What I think it does is hold up a mirror to the prejudice and dark imaginings about Barack Obama's — both Obamas' — past, and their politics. I can't speak for anyone else's interpretations, all I can say is that it combines a number of images that have been propagated, not by everyone on the right but by some, about Obama's supposed 'lack of patriotism' or his being 'soft on terrorism' or the idiotic notion that somehow Michelle Obama is the second coming of the Weathermen or most violent Black Panthers. That somehow all this is going to come to the Oval Office.""

It's all a big joke! Can't you see that? Says the New Yorker.

Well, I have news for you...satire is only funny if the person gets the joke. If not, its usually rude, offensive, and inane. For instance, though wikipedia is not the cast iron source that it should be, it has this to say in it's definition of satire:

"A very common, almost defining feature of satire is its strong vein of irony or sarcasm, but parody, burlesque, exaggeration, juxtaposition, comparison, analogy, and double entendre are all frequently used in satirical speech and writing. The essential point, however, is that "in satire, irony is militant"[2]. This "militant irony" (or sarcasm) often professes to approve the very things the satirist actually wishes to attack." (bold/italics added)

So there you go. Satire, or militant irony/sarcasm, is a literal attack on something that ISN'T SUPPOSED TO BE TAKEN LITERALLY.

Well, how is someone supposed to know that? Taken out of context, or by a reader/viewer who doesn't automatically assume the New Yorker has such a sharp wit, this cartoon does seem to be an attack on Obama. It's a blatant attack, in fact. Because, usually, when the New Yorker posts such a cartoon, it is actually making fun of the people portrayed. So, how is someone supposed to know when the New Yorker is being sarcastic, facetious, or downright obnoxious?

Oh, you don't really it's a joke? Well, geez, where is your sense of humor?

Please. Whoever decided to run that cartoon, ON THE FRONT COVER NO LESS, is an arrogant heavy handed moron who should get out of the office more.

It's disgusting, it's distasteful, and most of all...I bet it's something that Fox News wishes it had thought of first. And that is pretty much the worst insult there is.

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

News Alert: Iran's Big Bird To Congratulate Mugabe On Victory

Sometimes you see headlines that make you exclaim so loud that your coworkers then KNOW you're not actually working like you're supposed to.

Toady's 'exclaim outloud headline':

"We 'respect' Zimbabwe election results: Iran

Iran today said it "respects" the outcome of Zimbabwe's one-man presidential election which saw veteran incumbent Robert Mugabe stay in power but was denounced as a farce by the West.

"We respect the will of the Zimbabwean people expressed in the second round of the presidential elections, whatever it is," foreign ministry Mohammad Ali Hosseini said.

"We hope that these results are in the interest of the independence and the development of Zimbabwe," he added, according to the ISNA student news agency."

Story background: Mugabe is a dictator in Zimbabwe whose latest 'election' was a super sham, as the only opposition candidate bowed out of the race - as his supporters were being violently killed by blatantly obvious Mugabe thugs.

One minister had his wife mutilated and then burned alive.

This 'election' is a despicable act of power over your enemies - instead of holding an election wherein you kill your opponents, why not just let everyone know you're a dictator, and they WILL be killed for opposing you, thereby using the threat of force to save lives? If you're going to be a right bastard in the first place, might as well be honest about it instead of lying, then you have to waste all that energy wasting people.

But I digress. What I'm really writing about is Iran's reaction here. The rest of the world has condemned this election as a sham, condemned Mugabe as a human rights violator and power usurper, and the U.S. is taking this up with the United Nations this week. (Big deal but at least its something.)

So, for Iran to bless this election and Mugabe's power, means that Iran fully supports his bloody methods and ruthless dictatorship. What does this say about Iran to everyone (that you didn't alerady know?)

Well, if I have to spell it out for you, it says, "Iran identifies with bloodshed to keep power politically and domestically, and wants to align itself with nations with whom it sees eye to eye on violence and oppression."

That, my friends, is evil. Bush finally got it right when he called them the axis of evil.

I beg forgiveness from the universe for actually agreeing with Bush. But for once, he actually got it right. Iran is a tumor on the global body, and will slowly kill us all if not removed.

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