Tuesday, May 30, 2006

An Argument Against Palestine

In war, you are forced to take a side. You can either fight for one side or another, surrender, or be 'neutral.'

If you are looking for a reason why you should fight for Israel's right to exist, and it's people's, go to the below link. Many of your questions will be answered. And if you don't agree with what this document says, feel free to share your comments why.


Russia's Morals 'Cleaner' Than The Rest/West

Ohhhhkay, here's where Stephen Colbert would insert a dry witticism that would praise Russia on the surface but really lambast their short sightedness.

Russia is apparently claiming their morals are 'cleaner' than the west's, as voiced through their communist mouthpiece, er, I mean, mayor:


This was in response to a gay protest put down by Moscow police:

"They had wanted to lay flowers at the grave of the unknown warrior, a monument to those who died defeating Nazi Germany, but police blocked their path.
Mayor Yuri Luzhkov said such an action would have been a desecration of the sacred monument, and rejected Western criticism of his ban as prejudiced and homophobic."

Let me get this straight. Millions of soldiers and citizens died to end Nazi Germany's persecution of everyone, which includes gays, jews, gypsies, blacks, communists, etc., and yet having homosexuals pay tribute to this is a desecration?

I think that is a GREAT way to pay tribute - let the ones who were persecuted protest where they never could before.

But apparently the mayor of Moscow feels differently, especially since their "morals are cleaner." Did you mean that in the same vein as Hitler, who wanted to make his 'race' cleaner, Mr. Mayor?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Da Vinci Code Harbinger Of New World Order

In the past year we have seen a jump in the level of intolerance and its backlash around the world.

First you have the un-ending hatred imbedded in Muslim culture towards the Western religions of Christianity of Judiasm. This is reflected in almost every aspect of Islamic society, from their education system, to their politics, to their religion. (Even western music is banned in many Islamic societies for its tendency to promote creativity and freedom of thought.)

This is most evidently seen in a recent report on anti-western/pro-Jihad material published in Saudi Arabian schoolbooks (which Saudi Arabia said they had cleared of all of those hateful references.)


Next, you have the latent and subconscious dislike and mistrust of Islam by the west, as shown by the Dutch cartoonists who caricatured the prophet Mohammed. They were simply trying to promote their freedom of speech, and ended up channeling the frustrations many feel about the connection between terrorism, Islam, and our changing (for the worse) way of life. However, these cartoons unleashed an extreme response almost all Westerners saw as obscene - calling for the deaths of those cartoonists is simply unjustifiable.

And most recently, the Da Vinci Code. An article in The Raw Story reports on the latest reaction to the film/story: Indian Christians have called for a ban on the movie, and one enterprising Roman Catholic has placed a $25,000 country for Dan Brown's head.


Citing the movie/book as "sheer blasphemy" and saying it has "deeply upset Christian sentiments, one Christian offered this reasoning:

' "In a country like ours where vicious propaganda is used against Christian minorities by Hindu bigots, the movie will be handy for them to tarnish our image," Arnold James, a Church of North India member and Christian representative in the Commission, told Ecumenical News International.'

I CAN understand where Arnold James is coming from. When movies like "Passion of the Christ" or, on the extreme side, "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion", come out, then its my turn to scream bloody murder. When any kind of medium comes out that is purposely trying to tarnish the image of a religion or any kind of group, outrage is 100% legitimate and to be expected.

Here is the part where I should say, "But I don't condone the method of violence or a call for someone's death as a reaction to a book, movie, or other avenues of mass communication that aim to portray a group in a negative light...."

But I'm not going to. It has gone far past that. We're living in a time no one ever foresaw, and there are no precedents to dealing with the level of mass communication we currently have. Propaganda is a very short step from pop culture, and those who own the means of production are pretty much the ones who define what their medium is.

So I'm not going to be a hypocrite. Personally, I call for the destruction of Iran's leadership, and the leadership of Islam as a whole. I don't see how the nature of Islam can peacefully coincide with any other religion or way of life. Their Koran calls on them to wage Jihad until the world is Islamic. Their Imam's preach hatred and death to young children, and they force their women into subservience at a very young age, going so far as genital mutilation to make sure it sticks.

Yes, I know there are moderate muslims, whom I have met, but they are NOT in control of their religion's destiny.

So, I view the Da Vinci code as a historical marker, with the movie as the definitive touch. Now, just about every player has been attacked with something, in what I'm calling the opening shots to WWIII. Christians have been attacked with Da Vinci, Jews/Israel have been attacked by Iran and Islam, and Islam has been attacked by Danish cartoonists.

What will the next step be in escalation? My guess: a violent altercation/battle with Iran. And that will only be the start....

Monday, May 22, 2006

Don't Appease Iran

I think the title of this one says it all.

Iran is quickly mirroring the type of build up shown before World War 2 in a dismaying number of ways. And Europe is reacting the same way as well, trying to come up with concessions to limit Iran's imperialistic dreams.

It. Won't. Work. Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. I hope Europe doesn't forget what happened last time it appeased a totalitarian fascist state. They got their asses handed to them.

Here we go again....

Mexican Immigration Vs. U.S.A.

President Vincente Fox of Mexico is uring Bush and Americans to accept illegal Mexican immigrants into the U.S., no holds barred.

However, Mexico's immigration laws are just as harsh as America's, if not more so:

So. It seems like Mexico wants immigration to be a one edged sword, with them holding the hilt. Well, I have to tell you, my feelings are mixed on this subject. EVERYONE is weighing in with their two cents, and here is mine:

On the one hand, I can't help but identify with the immigrants. Their situation is similar to those Jews fleeing WW2 Germany. Ok, ok, ok! I get it. There isn't much of a similiarity there. But how can I condone the desire to give citizenship to Jews all over the world after that, while at the same time denying Mexicans the chance to become a part of America?

Well, on the other hand, many new latino immigrants aren't assimilating. They have turned Miami into a spanish speaking cuban province, and Southern California is following suit. Also, there are immigration laws for a reason. We DON'T live in a world or society without barriers, quite the opposite, and those barriers are necessary to promote peace.

We're all hard wired to hate anything different, while loving the group we came from. Borders help turn "them" into "us", and vice versa. Until humans can love each other unconditionally, there needs to be borders and rules about how to cross them.

Which bring us to the current dilemma. Amnesty, mass deportations, or a compromise between the two? At this point, I just don't see anything America does as fair. BUT IT IS NOT AMERICA'S FAULT. In fact, I blame the immigrants. THEY are the ones who have put both their countrymen and this country at risk. If they hadn't immigrated over here in such numbers, we wouldn't have a xenophobic outcry, and we wouldn't be forced to decide what to do with them.

I feel like we should ask hispanic/latino/mexican immigrants, legal ones, what they think. Maybe they'll be able to shed some light on this culture clash. Because I just don't see a solution in sight, and we're going to need one SOON.

Morris Motamed's Jewish Origins

First of all, an honorable mention to the NY Post, who must have read my blog or my mind. I posted last week with the headline of, "Is Iran The 4th Reich?"

They used the same headline on their front page the next day, on Saturday, May 20th. Great minds think alike.

Next: What is the deal with Iran's singular Jewish parliamentarian? I checked him out on Wikipedia:

"In the Parliament, he has been active on the subject of suppressing the discriminations against Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians, e.g. the different amount of blood money (diya) between Muslims and non-Muslims. He played also a prominent role in the efforts to alleviate the sentences against some members of the Jewish community for alleged spying or for illegally trying to flee the country through Pakistan."

THIS is the guy who has been chosen to reflect Jewry in Iran? Boy, he's doing a GREAT job of suppressing discrimination against Jews.

Also: "Real Jews, in concord with some Muslims, continue their war against Zionists and against Israeli crimes. The oppressed people of Palestine living under occupation must feel that believers of all faiths support them. (Tehran, October 28, 2005)"

Uh huh. Ok. So, Motamed works to reduce discrimination against Jews in Iran, while using the phrase, "Real Jews" to describe his anti-zionist cohorts.

Actually, what I'd call him is "A Self Hating Jew." Thats how we Zionists refer to those people who are (or perhaps aren't) Jews who decry the occupation of "Palestine", the treatment of the "refugees", and who call Israel illegal.

I mean, how can you defend the Iranian government? HOW CAN YOU?! They want nothing but complete Shiite musliim dominance over all arab/muslim nations, followed by the world. They want every single citizen of Iran to "be a living symbol of Iran's power" through a national uniform. They deny the Holocaust, and are living breathing demonic proof of, "If you forget history you are doomed to repeat it", as they work to deny a law they passed that mandates Jews and Christians to wear colored arm bands to identify themselves.

Finally: I would LOVE a bio/backgrounder on this Morris Motamed guy. Nothing came up on google, and Wikipedia wasn't very informative. I want to know:

His Jewish heritage, where he learned to be a Jew, and WHY, if he's an Iranian Senator, his family lives in America, in Los Angeles.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Is Iran The Fourth Reich?

I read an extremely disturbing report today, which may have well been the tipping point in my feelings towards Iran.

The Raw Story (Rawstory.com) reported that Iran passed a law two years ago that Christians and Jews have to wear colors identifying themselves in Iran (because if a muslim shakes hands with a non believer it is supposed to make them 'unclean').


A local 'expert' has denied this story and is claiming it is absolutely false. I really want someone else to weigh in on this. Any other angles/sides to this story? Is it true?

Basically, I feel Iran is being led by an evil regime hellbent on crushing resistance to their authority and beliefs. Now, if Iran has taken the step towards identifying its citizens as one thing or another, they have stepped from the world of evil to the world of 'must be destroyed.'

I will say it again. If this report is true, I whole heartedly support an invasion of Iran to remove their leadership. This may not be the best idea, I admit - but the heart wants what it wants. Never again.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Orders For Oil

Is it just me, or is the reasoning of Oil Execs/CEO's that their price gouging is simply " to represent the shareholders" eerily similar to the excuse of, "Just following orders...."?

Monday, May 15, 2006

President Ahmadinejad Is A Stinker

Finally, someone told Mahm to get some Axe Body Spray.


"Tehran, 14 April (AKI) - Iran's hardline president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has apparently been incensed by an anonymous text message suggesting he does not wash enough.

Ahmadinejad has taken legal action over the offending text, has fired the president of a phone company and has had four people arrested and accused of colluding with the Israeli foreign intelligence service, Mossad, the anti-government website Rooz Online reports. "

And so we are rewarded with a glimpse into how the President of Iran reacts when HE is now the butt of someone's criticism. I mean, I think we should all cherish this moment. Ahmadinejad has been making cruel and heartless remarks that criticize the West, Israel, President Bush (He's out President dammit and we're the only ones who get to call him an idiot), and Jews as a people. Now, someone hits back, with a mild joke, and he reacts so heavy handed? From an amateur psychologists point of view, this guy has got the WORST self esteem I've seen a ruler have since Hitler.

"Poking fun at the president, the regime's senior figures and its policies, has reportedly become a national pastime in Iran.

The Iranian authorities are paying particular attention to jokes comparing Iran's nuclear programme with sex. Several people are widely believed to have received court summonses for sending nuclear-related jokes, according to Rooz Online."While the outcome of the recent arrests in connection with SMS messaging is not clear yet, what is certain is that SMS jokes have already put some people into serious trouble," wrote Rooz Online.

The clampdown is in line with the authorities' uncompromising stance on Internet bloggers. Large numbers of the nation's estimated 70,000 to 100,000 bloggers have faced harassment or imprisonment. The regime has acknowledged monitoring text message traffic. This apparently began in the run-up to the presidential election last June. "

People of Iran: wake up and realize that the person leading your nation is a psychopath, and bring him down before it is too late, and you're made into caricatures of nazis. It is in the cards.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Tyranny of Israel and the Jews - Everyone Must Eat Bagels!

Our favorite psychopath, the new millenium's Hitler, President Ahamadinejad, is at it again. (By the way, is it just me or does Ahamadinejad's name bear at least a slight resemblance to the guy from Office Space, "Nagheenanajar"?)

This time, he has said, "Israel is a tyrannical regime based on evil..." Would you care to back that up, you wildebeast faced slimo? Your remarks are so out there they would be comfortable orbiting Jupiter. Let's look at this statement, shall we?

The definition of Tyranny, as quoted by Dictionary.com:

1. A government in which a single ruler is vested with absolute power.
2. The office, authority, or jurisdiction of an absolute ruler.
3. Absolute power, especially when exercised unjustly or cruelly: “I have sworn... eternal
hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man” (Thomas Jefferson).
4. Use of absolute power.
A. A tyrannical act.
B. Extreme harshness or severity; rigor.

In what way does Israel match any of these definitions? Hmmmm? (From YOUR point of view, it might be 4.B., due to how the world views the treatment of Palestinians. However, I would put down the plight of the Palestinians to the their leaders, who have squandered billions that could have turned Palestine into a paradise even nicer than Israel.)

So, Mr. Ahmadinejad, what say you? You go on, and on, and on, with rhetoric about how evil Israel is, how it should and will be destroyed, and how America will face more severe consequences if it continues to try and sanction Iran. Empty words. You have NOTHING to back ANY of this up, and you are simply saying what you wish to be true. You wish you had some reason to hate Israel and Jews other than, well, to be honest, I really don't know. I wish someone would tell ME why you hate the Jews so much.

Now lets look at evil: the most commonly used definition is:

"Morally bad or wrong; wicked: an evil tyrant. "

And what, exactly is so morally bad about Israel? Oh, you forgot to mention that? You forgot that in order to posit one thing, you needed some fact or instance with which to BASE it on? For instance,

"President Ahmadinejad is a tyrannical ruler for imposing harsh laws and sanctions on his own people, such as the ban on American music; President Ahmadinejad is evil because he forments hatred against innocent people and threatens their destruction; and President Ahmadinejad is morally wrong because his position is based the desire for power and control, which he would use for further evil purposes."

Now, THAT is how you take someone to task, you reprehensible imbecile.

One other topic I would like to touch on briefly: America's response.

I should say, America's NON-EXISTENT RESPONSE. Iran has been spouting rhetoric that attacks America's and the West's credibility, and no one even responds? I'm not saying we should censor him, though in fact that is what I'd like to see, but can't SOMEONE take a stand and say what this blog has? I would campaign for the first politician or well known person to do so.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Two New Blogs: Funny And Powerful

Okay, we'll start off with Israelismoral.com, with some interesting perspectives on the turmoil surrounding Israel and its Palestinian problems. I call them problems, because they're not citizens of Israel, and I would certainly categorize their abhorrent desire for the destruction of Israel as a problem.

Says yaron Brook, in June of 2002:

"Since its founding, Israel has been the victim Since its founding in 1948, Israel has had to fight five wars - all in self-defense - against 22 hostile Arab dictatorships, and has been repeatedly attacked by Palestinian terrorists. Arafat is responsible for the kidnapping and murder of Israeli schoolchildren, the hijacking of airliners and the car bombings and death-squad killings of thousands of Israeli, American, Lebanese and Palestinian civilians. Today he ardently sponsors such terror groups as Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the al Aksa Brigade.

The land Israel is "occupying" was captured in a war initiated by its Arab neighbors. Like any victim of aggression, Israel has a moral right to control as much land as is necessary to safeguard itself against attack. The Palestinians want to annihilate Israel, while Israel wants simply to be left alone. If there is a moral failing on Israel's part, it consists of its reluctance to take stronger military measures. If it is right for America to bomb al-Qaida strongholds in Afghanistan - and it is - then it is equally justifiable for Israel to bomb the terrorist strongholds in the occupied territories. "

Well said.

Now, if you're looking for the lighter side of blogging, check out zug.com, my new favorite humor site. Learn about the most disgusting drinks a bartender can make, the # of ways that credit card security is akin to airport 'security' (there to make you FEEL safe, not actually MAKE you safe), and how to pull off the biggest Michael Jackson hoax of the decade. Good stuff.