Sunday, January 22, 2012

Larry Adler - You Are An IDIOT. And So Much Worse

Dear Larry Adler,

How could you do such a stupid, dangerous, harmful, selfish thing? As a prominent Jewish leader in America, you have a responsibility to the people who have raised you up. To pen an Op-Ed where you openly call for the assassination of a U.S. President is simply insane. You have lost your mandate to lead, and you should resign your position in media. Nothing within reason could ever be an excuse for your behavior.

This is an open letter to you Larry, so that you know what harm you have done to the Jewish community all over the world. People don't need a reason to hate, distrust, and want to kill Jewish people. We work our entire lives to avoid the persecution that your one letter will be certain to bring upon us. Now you have given ammunition to anyone who needed a reason to cover up the real causes of their hate for us.

Nothing you do from this point on will ever erase the repercussions of your actions. You might as well renounce your Judaism, for at this point, I don't want to associate you with my religion.

Shame on you Mr. Adler for behavior so irresponsible, it borders on homicidal.

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