Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Israel Vs. Palestine, round 111,058

The biggest, "Yes you did", "No I didn't!" in the world has to be the Middle East conflict between Israel and the citizens o the gaza strip/westbank, who insist on calling themselves "Palestinians."

There WAS no Palestine before Israel, and what Palestine IS, is the country Jordan. The people living in squalor in the Gaza strip got KICKED OUT OF JORDAN for TRYING TO OUST THE KING AND TAKE OVER THE COUNTRY.

So, having failed that coup, they decided on a make or break war against Israel, engineered (ENGINEERED) by Yasir Arafat. This 'war' was to last decades, generations even, until the Israelies were too tired of fighting, and just surrendered.

Wow, good strategy, right? Not quite.

In any case, the Public Relations aspect of this battle is -Palestinians 10,657, Israel 0. No matter what happens, world opinion is against Israel. NO, MATTER WHAT.

So then I see pieces like this: http://www.dissidentvoice.org/2008/12/strangling-gaza-to-near-death-while-pretending-to-be-victim/.

Which blame Israel for purposefully impoverishing the Arabs living next door, and holding up the peace process.

Meanwhile, Israel is a democracy with respect for human rights, hell, they even have their own gay pride parade.

On the other hand, the ruling cadre is Hamas, which both publicly and privately calls for the destruction of Israel, which fires missiles almost daily into Israel, which has killed countless people in cold blood, and which has no respect for human life, has evidenced by their penchant for using CHILDREN as human missile shields, and for holding their military operations in the homes of civilians...thust protecting themselves, while endangering those they are trying to save from Israel's aggression.

First of all, how is Israel, or anyone for that matter, supposed to negotiate...when the other side is aiming a missile at your children. And they have NO INTENTION of putting the missile down, NO MATTER WHAT.

Maybe you pro palestinian people are missing this point, so I'll say it again. HAMAS HAS NO INTENTION OF EVER MAKING PEACE WITH ISRAEL.

So, how is Israel supposed to deal with this? Do any of you peaceniks have an answer? 'Cause I sure haven't seen it, no matter how many of these shit crap articles I read, where someone offers their opinion that Israel is just evil.

So, this blog is a response to the article listed above. Oh, why am I responding to their article here? I'll tell you why: because these open minded peace loving pro terrorist people, closed the comments on that post. Because they are too chickenshit to air their bullshit grieveances in a civilized way. I equate their comment-less posts as the same as lobbing grenades over a fence an then running away.

Same tactics of Hamas. Same Morals. Same anti-semitism. Thats All I See. And Thats All There Is. You should ALL be ashamed of yourselves.

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