Monday, October 30, 2006

Moderate Islam Is A Myth

(*It's been a while since posting, as certain developments have taken time and energy away from this bloggers limited supply of both, but never fear, to this bloggers, readers are very dear.)

The world as we know it is in the midst of a titanic struggle between opposing forces and cultures. Those who don't see a war between the "West" and "Islam" are looking in the wrong direction. I believe one major problem is that we have all become used to the fact that "radical Islamists" are waging an endless, and seemingly unwinnable, war on western countries and peoples.

It's unwinnable only if you look at the short term, however. As the Fjordman Reports, um, reports -- Islam takes a rather long view of things.

" In The Force of Reason, Italian journalist and novelist Oriana Fallaci recalls how, in 1972, she interviewed the Palestinian terrorist George Habash, who told her that the Palestinian problem was about far more than Israel. The Arab goal, Habash declared, was to wage war “against Europe and America” and to ensure that henceforth “there would be no peace for the West.” The Arabs, he informed her, would “advance step by step. Millimeter by millimeter. Year after year. Decade after decade. Determined, stubborn, patient. This is our strategy. A strategy that we shall expand throughout the whole planet.” "

So, the Muslim strategy is one of patience, persistence, and a sense of blind duty.

But back to the main point: how can there be a massive cultural war taking place but no agreement that this is actually so?

Well, look at the facts. Everywhere that there is war and strife on this'll find Islam at the core. Look at the Sudan and Darfur - arab militias are genociding the black residents of those areas. Look at Afghanistan - Nato is in the process of fighting a guerilla warfare with Islamic militants. Look at Iraq - another Islamic guerilla war. France - Islamic youths rioting about the fact that they can't assimilate into western culture. Look at Britain - Islamic terrorists have called that that their new #1 target. Look at America - Mosques are recruting and financing grounds for radical Islam.

Try to take off your every day blinders, and view what is happening objectively - do you notice that most of the violence taking place is surrounded by Islamic rhetoric? Again, we are simply used to the fact that Islamic Militants = radical violence. But why is this the norm? Why don't people question that? What is being done about it?

Because, if you read the blog at the above link, you'll start to see that Islam IS waging a war against EVERYONE ELSE. They see Shariah and Islam as the holiest of holies, and it can do no wrong. They want to strike down every constitution, every religion, every belief but theirs. There is no mercy, there is no quarter, and there won't be an end until Islam rules the world.

Why don't people see this? Because Islam lies to us westerners. It always has. The Imams preach hatred and death to all non-Muslims, but their translations say nothing of this. Palestinian leader Yassir Arafat was well known for grand speeches about peace, in English - immediately after which he would denounce what he just said and call for a Jihad on the very people he was just proposing peace with.

And Muslims see nothing wrong with this. I believe that Western and Muslim culture are entirely and fully imcompatiable. One does not understand the other - and cannot. A Muslim will never understand why I, a Jew, hold an individual life as dear as ten, and I will never understand why a Muslim will willingly blow themself up, and kill innocent people. That is a dramatic distinction - but it is true.

So, as the Fjordman report reports...moderate Islam is simply a wolf in sheep's clothing. There will never be an end to this strife until one side or the other is completely destroyed. And at this point, we're looking at MAD instead.